Jingle the Dog
Jingle is a clueless, loyal, and happy-go-lucky dog who accidentally stumbles upon new adventures while exploring.  Danger in his path isn’t always obvious to him.



Bandit the Raccoon
Bandit is a hungry little creature with high emotional swings.  He’s generally nice, but he’s constantly looking for sources of food that do not belong to him, and will fight back when provoked.



Harmony the Skunk
Harmony’s goal is to hang out and interact with people – however, her stench tends to ward people away and sometimes put her in danger.



Tipper the Stork
Tipper is extremely clumsy due to his long and wobbly legs.  He will attempt to help when needed, but his body can’t always do what his brain tells him to do.



Pepper the Turkey
Pepper generally doesn’t understand what’s going on and tends to create misadventures.  He is an instigator without trying.



Lodger the Beaver
Lodger is a loner who builds her own houses and tends to stay away from others.  She doesn’t mind when others are around, and she will attempt to socialize, but she does things that weird out company.



Moxie the Meerkat
Moxie is as adventurous as it gets.  Being from South Africa, he travels the world looking for excitement and attempts to make pals with friendly and no-so-friendly animals.



Pranker the Monkey
Pranker is very silly and likes to surprise people and animals.  She is highly intelligent and tries to stay stimulated by experimenting and playing with anything around her.



Avery the Owl
Avery is a born leader and likes to find other animals to hang with.  He is very welcoming to others.  He seems to know a lot about his surroundings, and animals flock to him for guidance.



Timber the Woodpecker
Timber is not appreciated by some animals and people because he chops down trees, although he doesn’t mean to upset others.



Midas the Duck
Midas doesn’t create any trouble, but for whatever reason it seems to find him.  He’s not very capable, but tends to get lucky and get out of trouble.